Our in-house training can provide you with the flexibility you need whilst providing value for money.
There are several options available if you wish to access our in-house training:

1. Off the shelf: choose from our range of available programs
2. Tailored: have one of our current courses tailored to suit your program’s specific needs
3. Find solutions to real problems by incorporating your own case studies and examples
4. Bespoke: let us develop and deliver the course unique to You, based on the analysis of Your requirements

In 2020 the most popular in-house training has been on Introduction to RA in EU and CIS countries, GMP/GDP training. 

For your training inquiry and to find out additional information, please contact us:



…The training was tailored to our needs. The speaker of the course recommended herself as a highly qualified GMP expert. She brought along her experience and great expertise. Our company is satisfied with our collaboration. I feel confident in recommending Inpharmatis training services.

Everything was perfectly scheduled, wonderfully organized. The staff was very polite, receptive, and thoughtful. It was a friendly atmosphere of collaboration, time passed very quickly and productively.


My expectations are exceeded. Very useful course, I got a lot of really good information and the lecturer was excellent. I was never bored. Keep on going!

An amazing experience to participate in a training course led by an experienced and knowledgeable expert in the field of pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs, providing so many examples and hints regarding preparation for audit and inspection.

We guarantee highly qualified support, deadline compliance, and project control!