One More Inpharmatis Team Member Gets PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences January 27, 2022

One More Inpharmatis Team Member Gets PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Konstantin Koshechkin, Head of Electronic Solutions at Inpharmatis, has successfully become PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The research paper was devoted to "Methodology for the digital transformation of the registration of medicines as a stage of the life cycle." The defense took place at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

“The key challenge is the continuing extreme heterogeneity of data describing medicines in the data systems. The presentation of data in digital format during scientific expertise allows to transform and intensify all subsequent stages of life cycle. The introduction of electronic registration dossiers also provides for faster examination of medicines, which ensures that patients can access new medicines without delay,” as stated in the introduction of Konstantin Koshechkin’s doctoral dissertation.

Within the Inpharmatis Group, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences Konstantin Koshechkin heads the department of electronic solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and regulators. Under his direct supervision, many projects have been implemented, including introducing of electronic dossier (eCTD), digitalization of the quality management system in pharmaceutical production, and developing of the Inpharmatis' own software products.