Exclusive: Inpharmatis HR Director Lilita Brante on Pharma’s New Hiring Trends September 07, 2021

Exclusive: Inpharmatis HR Director Lilita Brante on Pharma’s New Hiring Trends

In the exclusive conversation with HR-tv.ru portal Lilita Brante, Global HR Director at Inpharmatis, reveals meaningful insights on top trends dominating the pharma job market amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and, specifically, why soft and hard skills are not the foremost vital ingredient to be hired by global companies.

Recent research concludes that the pharmaceutical industry has shone off the tech industry and is winning the big business popularity contest due to COVID-19 vaccines. Currently, pharma along with IT and Tech are known to be the most popular industries to work in. To some degree it can be explained by the fact that the jobs pay very well, rewards and recognition programs are indeed encouraging, and career growth is defined as strong and relatively quick. Overall, job satisfaction in the industry remains high.

As a global consultancy company, operating in the pharmaceutical market within the EU, EAEU and the CIS, Inpharmatis has a game-changing candidate experience. According to Lilita Brante, finding a balance with a healthy share of juniors and seniors in a team can accelerate development since the industry needs new ideas and strategies. Today young people are flexible, adaptive, motivated, and most importantly, it is not the wage that drives them forward but challenges that they overcome gracefully and responsibly.

Moreover, the good news is that the global market enjoys a growing pool of talented professionals from the CIS. The candidates from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and other countries of the Commonwealth are getting more competitive. Having extensive experience with finding candidates in the US and Europe, Lilita Brante noted that non-native speakers continue to demonstrate an increasingly good level of English proficiency from year to year.

Commonly, joining a global company implies more opportunities: networking, business communication with remote teams from all over the globe, but requires a solid cultural background to build fruitful and respectful relationships with colleagues.

In general, international companies treat every candidate as a whole person, and Inpharmatis is no exception. Now success stories in the CV lose their appeal while practice-based experience to overcome challenges is taking a front seat.

'Soft & hard skills' are no longer the only nice-to-have. Employers are looking for candidates with a sure indicator of maturity: commitment and ability to solve top challenges at hand.

After valuable and scarce talent is attracted, the next step, as a part of HR's responsibility, is to create a great onboarding experience so that the new hire will make a happy and productive team member. «We invite employees for a virtual coffee when we can talk frankly, discuss what kind of support every employee needs. In short, onboarding at Inpharmatis is a unique experience with a less formal and more human-centric attitude,» shared Lilita Brante.

Sourcing a winning team is top-notch while retaining it requires unconventional techniques. «Inpharmatis welcomes and encourages independence. Our employees are professionally flexible with efficient time management and decision-making, as we do not practice micromanagement,» added Lilita Brante.

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