Digital Pharma – Intelligent Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Kiev April 12, 2019

Digital Pharma – Intelligent Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Kiev

It was our great pleasure in cooperation with our good friends SAP for the first time to organize the event "Digital Pharma: Intelligent Pharmaceutical Enterprise". The event took place in Kiev on 11 April.

Among 30 participants we met Chief Information Officers (CIO), Project and Sales Managers, Business and Pharmaceutical Managers from different companies.

The day was very saturated and informative. As the participants themselves admitted, the event was immensely useful, they got information on current developments and trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

Engaging presentations were made by representatives of companies such as Deloitte Ukraine, Darnitsa, Acino Pharma Start, Farmak, WTF Consulting, Benoy, SaM Solutions, De Novo and of course Inpharmatis and SAP Ukraine.

The main focus of the event was:

Business Transformation + Innovative IT Solutions = Company Success + Industry Development.

We would like to thank SAP for excellent cooperation. And we are already planning the next events so follow the information on our website and social networks.